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A free resource that will help you learn the requirements, prepare for and carry out organization data import process to Zendesk.

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Best practices

Learn expert tips and best practices used in the industry to move tickets, knowledge base articles and other critical records to your new system. We provide useful and effective tips for a smooth and hassle-free organization import that you can safely apply in practice.


Make your Zendesk import simple and smooth. Discover the ways to establish effective communication within the company during Zendesk data transition so that nobody would feel uncomfortable while moving to another system.

Tools and processes

The guide describes Zendesk data movement and related processes, as well as the import tools that ensure an easy and accurate transition. Learn about the Zendesk data import tool that is designed to meet the needs of your business.

Risk & Change management

The guide explains how to approach Zendesk data transition strategically and ensure a complete migration with no lost or corrupt data. Learn how to mitigate risks and turn Zendesk data movement into a landing strip to positive changes in the company and customer support.

Modern and accessible format

We are convinced that an e-book must be available in both web and HTML. Only this will make it accessible from any device and application.


Animated format combined with useful and memorable content

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Easily search, share and cite chapters and paragraphs

Does not require Kindle or Ipad

The guide is accessible from any device and works everywhere equally well

Upon completing this guide, you’ll be able to:

Carry out a quality Zendesk data import

Partly or completely, import tickets, contacts, companies, agents, groups, knowledge base - you’ll be able to do it all with our import tool

Zendesk data import from CSV, Database, Dump, API, and other platforms

Regardless of the location of Zendesk import data, you’ll have the necessary knowledge and tools for completing the migration task

Migrate to Zendesk from another platform

Migrate your data (e.g. import tickets) from another platform to Zendesk quickly and accurately

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Develop Zendesk migration strategy

Prepare for migration and move to Zendesk easily and painlessly

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Best Zendesk import practices in one place

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