Import to Zendesk from Faveo Helpdesk

Numerous ordinary help desk providers have occupied the market and businesses now constantly lose data. You can import your precious data with a safer data migration tool to provide a exceptional experience. However, you should learn to sidestep the net of non-ending requirements. Our unique method will gather every small detail of the data during the migration to Zendesk.

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Limited Import Options

Limited Import Choices

The designing of the import applications and their functionality usually contradict each other. When it comes to importing customer data from Faveo Helpdesk to Zendesk – you can use their own API or benefit from available CSV file.

Although Zendesk migration process supports all complex technical and hardware systems – it can become a trouble to migrate files from Faveo Helpdesk.

Needs Professional IT Team

Without an knowledgeable, rational, and qualified IT team – the challenge of importing data can really be exhausting.

You can migrate data through API– but the role of an excellent team is to sort out scripting troubles and concentrate upon completion of the task in time.

Requires Professional IT Team
Manual Import Drawbacks

Manual Transfer Disadvantages

The success and failure proportion of manually moving data is a dilemma. The manual transfer mostly ends up with data corruption and misplacing.

However, the significant problem with a manual migration is how long-lasting it can be for users.

The Need for a Reliable Data Transition Service

Zendesk import must be simpler than this. The need of the hour requires a more robust data migration tool. However, the whole process of transition must be efficient also. You have to be able to move your customer data from one platform to another effortlessly in order to retain and attract your clientele.

Import from Faveo Helpdesk to Zendesk

What We can Change

No matter if it's ticketing software or loads of reliable experience of help desk – we have got knowledge in the current data migration procedure.

You are able to export your contacts, tickets and the rest of data at once.

As well as get immediate updates and smart suggestions from our team of specialists.

Time Flexibility and Lower Downtime

There is no need to spend numerous hours shuffling around every stage of data migration. Save your time simply by letting us to handle the complicated data migration process for you. We can considerably reduce the time spent on migration and altogether provide comfort to your clients and management workforce throughout the process.

Efficient Testing Procedure

We tell our customers to test the effectiveness of our migration tool beforehand. Thus, you may conduct several tests before finalizing your migration. This stage will enable you to detect the faulty parameters or note anything that is in the wrong place that our team of professionals can evaluate and settle in no time.

Conformity Matters

With our help, you do not need to think about installation, your programming skills, and unnecessary required files prior to importing your information to the new system. Relax knowing the fact that we will subtly move away your data during the migration process.

Migrate Tickets At once

We take into consideration the resourcefulness of customer data migration. Additionally, that is why we deploy a test mechanism for our migration tool prior to launching each ticket to ensure that it reaches its target securely and accurately. Our primary goal has always been to improve user experience to accomplish continual work efficiency.

The Distinct Character of Our Service

Protected and Personalized Experience

Our professionals consider the information given out during the transfer process strictly personal. The basis of our migration services depends on protecting your personal data and ensuring an ideal experience.

Fast Migration Assistance

Our thoroughly picked out team is always prepared to respond to your requests. Whether you have a minor issue or want to submit an intricate case – our experienced team will convey in-depth technical support that’ll be worthy of your precious time and ensure the functional response of the migration app.

Accurate Data Sustainability

We keep up to ethical software practice and would never consider tweaking or modifying your data during the migration process. You do not have to worry about unaligned or mixed up migration data – Zendesk transition process is relatively quicker, simpler, and more accessible than other migration apps.

What you can migrate

That the list is generalized and may differ depending on your source platform

Help Desk Objects
  • Tickets

    with replies, notes and attachments

  • Contact
  • Companies
  • Agents
  • Agents Groups
Knowledge Base Objects
  • Articles

    with images and attachments

  • Categories
  • Folders

Simplified Automatic Zendesk Import Procedure


Set Up Transfer Structure

The initial action towards achieving sufficient automated Zendesk import is to prepare by creating appropriate custom fields and agent profiles. You have to disable prior automation rules as well as other triggers that might interfere the migration process.


Provide Faveo Helpdesk Connection

When you are ready with the creation of import structure – relay the specific type of permits to your help desk platform to get the necessary data. This step is mandatory as, otherwise, we won’t be able to get the data from the Faveo Helpdesk.


Link Zendesk

Likewise, give us the permits to your Zendesk profile to settle the target your database should be moved to. As soon as our migration tool gets to the data export destination spot, it is prepared to transfer your support records and all the rest.


Pick Migration Data

Just match the ticket fields in the order you want them to be imported and notify us about data, you want to import differently from the standards. We will look after the rest of your problem.


Test the Functionality of the Tool

We strongly imply that you use the most out of our free trial demonstration. This will enable you to review the certain number of transferred data from Faveo Helpdesk and determine possible mistakes beforehand.


Start Full Data Import

You are ready to go as soon as pre-finalized test stage checks out – And now you can begin the complete Zendesk import process. We do, however, encourage you to plan a relaxed period to commence the migration.

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The Wonder of Automatic Zendesk import

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