The Best Way To Import Existing Content To Zendesk

So you need to import knowledge base articles to Zendesk and you wonder how to do this in the most time and cost-effective manner. Well, you are in luck because you have two options to pick from. One we will dub as the standard way and the other one as automated migration. So, without any further delay, let’s take a look at how you can move your existing content to Zendesk.

The Standard Way

We decided to cover the standard way first as it is more complicated than its counterpart, and it requires more steps to be successful. Also, this information is not 100% foolproof and there is still a margin of error. We will only cover the basics of content import.

Configure the API

So, to import your content to Zendesk, you need to use the API. You can migrate articles from a CSV file as well. However, Zendesk does not offer an out-of-the-box CSV importer for articles. So, to migrate from the CSV, you will still need to use the API.

Import The Content

The first thing you want to do is head over to the API documentation. The documentation contains methods that allow moving articles, authors, and even attachments and comments. However, keep in mind that to use them, you need to know how to code, as well as how to access the API on your new platform.


Theoretically, you can move just about anything with the API but keep in mind that it necessitates a lot of time and effort. If you think that hiring a part-time developer to help you out during the process is cheaper, it is not. The person has to have a profound knowledge of Zendesk architecture and know how to use their API from top to bottom.

Bottom Line

While the API method is, indeed powerful and will be able to move all your stuff, it is expensive in terms of time and money. Unless you know and understand how to use Zen’s API system, then more power to you. But otherwise, this makes importing posts unnecessary complicated and pretty much inefficient and we suggest that you read on the next method.

The Automated Way

As you can see, there are quite a few issues surrounding the manual way but thankfully, there is a painless option that requires no coding. You just import content by picking the source and the target. Keep reading to find out more!

Pick A Platform

The first thing you want to do is head over to our contact page and tell from what kind of platform you want to move your stuff. Then you just provide all the necessary credentials (you have to give both, the source and the target platform login information). Keep in mind, not providing your credentials (which are 100% safe by the way) makes importing content simply impossible.

Verify the Migration

After you are done providing the credentials, you will then be asked to pick what kind of information you would like to move. You can pick from Sections, Articles, Categories. After you are done selecting what kind of data you would like to move, a test migration will take place.

This is a mandatory step as it allows us to timely address all the caveats. Typically, the trial import process takes up to 15 minutes. Once it is complete, you will be able to check a small amount of your content in Zendesk.


There are no. Everything is automated and everything will work 100% of the time. The only downside that it requires that you pay money. But even so, the price is justified, especially considering that your knowledge base content is at stake if you choose to mess with files on your own.

Bottom Line

This method completely eliminates the need to write your own code. You simply pick what platform you want to move from and the rest will be done for you.


There you have it. This is how you import existing content. Both methods are viable but we highly encourage you that you use the automated way. It would be much safer and way faster. While it is possible to find a free solution that will supposedly move your data but you have to understand that none will guarantee that your stuff isn’t lost during the process.

The API method can indeed achieve the same result but it does require that you know to code. And if you think hiring a developer for such a task would be cheaper, think again. Instead of wasting time, we suggest that you go with the automated option from the get-go.

Besides, if you want to move your tickets along the way, the second method allows this as well. Specify the platform, pick the desired items, complete the import to Zendesk, and enjoy your imported content.

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