Import to Zendesk from TOPdesk

A variety of ordinary help desk solutions have broken into the market and people now continuously lose data. You may export your valuable information with a safer data transition tool to offer a unforgettable experience. However, you need to learn to evade the net of endless demands. Our peculiar technique will gather every small detail of your data throughout the migration to Zendesk.

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Limited Import Options

Limited Import Options

The designing of the import services and their efficiency often contradict each other. In terms of importing customer data from TOPdesk to Zendesk – you can exploit their specific API or take the advantage from available CSV file.

Although Zendesk transition process supports all complicated technical and hardware systems – it can be quite a problem to move files from TOPdesk.

Requires Expert IT Team

Without an experienced, analytical, and qualified IT team – the task of moving data can appear to be tiring.

You can migrate data through API– however the role of a great team is to take care of scripting problems and center upon ending of the task on time.

Requires Professional IT Team
Manual Import Drawbacks

Manual Import Drawbacks

The success and failure ratio of manually transferring customer data is dilemmatic. The by-hand transition mainly ends up with data alteration and mismanagement.

Nevertheless, the significant trouble with a manual transition is how lengthy it can be for users.

The Need for a Reliable Data Migration Service

Zendesk import must be easier than this. The need of the hour demands a more powerful data migration app. However, the entire process of migration should be robust too. You must be able to move your support records from one platform to another effortlessly to retain and attract your customers.

Import from TOPdesk to Zendesk

How Our Team Can Make a Difference

No matter if it's ticketing software or years of reliable experience of help desk – we have obtained knowledge in the contemporary data transition procedure.

You can move your contacts, tickets and the another data in the blink of an eye.

And get regular notifications and insightful suggestions from our team of specialists.

Time Flexibility and Lower Downtime

You do not have to spend many hours shuffling around each stage of Zendesk import. Save your time simply by letting us to control the complicated data transition process for you. We can drastically shorten the time spent on import and altogether provide comfort to your customers and management workforce during the process.

Efficient Testing Process

We tell our clients to test out the efficiency of our migration app in advance. So, you may set up a number of tests before ending your migration. This point will let you identify the incorrect parameters or note anything out of place that our team of professionals can assess and settle in no time.

Compatibility Matters

With us, you do not have to concern about installation, your coding skills, and unnecessary required files before migrating your data to the new help desk. Take a sigh of relief in being aware of the fact that we will subtly move away your data during the migration process.

Migrate Tickets Instantly

We understand the resourcefulness of ticket transfer. In addition, that is why we deploy a test system for the transition tool prior to each ticket so that it comes to its end-point securely and accurately. Our perfect goal has always been to enhance user satisfaction rate to reach persistent work efficiency.

The Distinct Nature of Our Service

Protected and Personalized Experience

Our professionals view the information provided throughout the transition process rigidly confidential. The base of our migration services is determined by protecting your personal info and ensuring an ideal experience.

Quick Transfer Assistance

Our carefully selected team is always ready to respond to your requests. Whether you have a minor issue or want to submit a complex matter – our knowledgeable team will convey thorough technical support that’ll be worthy of your time and make sure of the efficient reaction of the migration app.

Precise Data Sustainability

We keep up to ethical software practice and would never think of tweaking or altering your data throughout the migration procedure. You do not have to worry about unaligned or scattered import data – Zendesk transfer process is relatively quicker, simpler, and more accessible than other migration software.

What you can migrate

That the list is generalized and may differ depending on your source platform

Help Desk Objects
  • Tickets

    with replies, notes and attachments

  • Contact
  • Companies
  • Agents
  • Agents Groups
Knowledge Base Objects
  • Articles

    with images and attachments

  • Categories
  • Folders

Simplified Automated Zendesk Import Process


Set Up Import Structure

The first step towards getting successful automatic Zendesk import is to get ready by setting up relevant custom fields and agent accounts. You have to turn off prior automation rules along with other triggers that might affect the migration process.


Provide TOPdesk Link

As soon as you are finished with the creation of import structure – relay the specific set of permits to your help desk system to obtain the necessary data. This stage is obligatory since, otherwise, we won’t be able to the data from the TOPdesk.


Connect to Zendesk

Similarly, provide us with the permits to your Zendesk account to settle the target your database should be transferred to. As soon as our migration app gets to the data export destination point, it is prepared to migrate your support records and all the rest.


Pick Migration Data

Just match the ticket fields in the order you want them to be moved and notify us regarding data, you want to migrate unlike from the pattern. We will take care of the rest of your trouble.


Test the Functionality of the Tool

We strongly imply that you get the hang of the most out of our free trial. It will enable you to review the certain number of migrated data from TOPdesk and identify probable gaps beforehand.


Initiate Complete Data Import

You are ready to go once pre-finalized test step checks out – And now you can begin the complete Zendesk migration process. We do, however, urge you to consider an off-peak period to start the transfer.

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The Wonder of Automatic Data Migration

If you are a thoughtful individual that makes calculative decisions – you would normally want to analyze the functionality of our data migration app.

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