Import Your Zendesk Users Through The API

If you’ve been looking at how to move all your users through the included Zendesk API, then you are in luck. We decided to take things in our hands and guide you through the entire process. Why you might ask? The answer is simple, the whole thing can be overwhelming and a lot can go wrong. Following a guide will make sure that you have absolutely zero troubles during your import process.

We also covered a specific method that requires zero coding skills as not everyone knows how to code and not everyone is willing to put up with all those different menus and toggles. It is basically an already developed API system that you can use straight out of the box. Thus, without further ado, let’s get started!

Using the Zendesk API

Now before we jump into the API process, we’d like to make a few things ultra-clear. First off, this isn’t a very easy process and it requires that you know at least something about how the API works, as well as basic developer terminology. Besides, knowing the intricacies of the system will prove to be super useful.

Zendesk has a well-documented API that has all the information you might ever need. But keep in mind, this implies that you have a team of developers that knows all the data dependencies and can figure things out on their own. We are not implying that it is impossible it takes way too long to learn the ropes of the system.

And even when you managed to learn all the data stuff, you will occasionally stumble on revoked authorizations, no responses from the server, etc. Essentially, this is a complex process can only be justified if you have a dedicated department to do it for you. Otherwise, you will spend more money on learning the system than using a tool, which leads us to the other method.

Learn if this method is suitable for your case here.

The Other API Method

Zendesk also allows for oAuth. This is also a token but you don’t have to generate it. What you need to do is to provide us with all the necessary credentials. Once you do so, you will be asked by our specialist where you want to move your stuff and from what platform. We then run a small demo that will verify access, and in case you are satisfied with the result, we can start the full migration process.

Setting Up The Parameters

As we already mentioned, the process does not require any kind of coding skills. All you have to do is head over to this website. Once there, you will notice a couple of different fields that you need to fill in. Don’t be intimidated as they as things will be easier from now on.

The first thing you want to do is fill in the URL. Just copy and paste the URL of your website and hit Tab. Next on the list is Username which is your Zendesk login email address. Then you can either enter the password of your Zendesk account or use a freshly generated API token. And since Zendesk uses oAuth, you don’t have to worry about anything and just input all your credentials and move on.

And that’s it. You then just press the “Continue” button and proceed with the import process. You will be asked what kind of info you want to move (i.e Agent’s, Groups, Customers, etc) and how much it will cost you. Basically the demo process will repeat but this time you will move everything you want.

Benefits of This Approach

One of the key benefits of this approach is that this migration method is not limited to just users. Zendesk APIs are quite flexible and can work wonders in the right hands. In fact, with the right approach, you can move just about anything with it. Whether its bulk importing user, removing outdated contacts, or migrating tickets, the API is perfect for such kinds of operations. You don’t have to bother with pesky users' endpoints either. Everything is practically automated.

Another important aspect is that it is much faster and you don’t have to play with CSVs or JSON, or any other files. You just input all your credentials, pick what you want items you want to move, and wait for the magic to happen. Besides, in case you are wondering, our tool will work on other platforms as well. Whether you are using JIRA Service Desk or Freshdesk, it will “just” work.

Final Notes

The API Zendesk has can be used in all kinds of scenarios. It can be used not only to import users but to manage, move, edit, users in Zendesk. It is a powerful system that is now very accessible to average users. With the service we’ve mentioned above, you can be sure that all your stuff will be moved in no time.

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